Friday, June 20, 2008

Back to school

The kids are on their second week of school. School time always means everything falls into an anticipated routine once more (i.e pick up the younger ones, have lunch with them, take a nap....) . It's a long list of things which describes who I am.

I take pleasure that my schedule falls into a routine, makes me appreciate my place in this world... as a wife and a mom. I find comfort that the day's activities unfold predictably, everyday the same as weeks that has passed, only made much sweeter than the last because of the presence and laughter of loved ones.

B started big school and is adjusting quite well, I suppose. Parents were welcome to stay during the first day of class, and so I took advantage of that opportunity. Teacher called each of the kids by their full name, upon which each one is expected to stand up and wave hello to everybody in the room and say out loud the name that they preferred to be called. When it was B's turn, I almost had to catch my jaw from falling off as I heard her say, "Therese". What? Since when?

Although it is indeed one of the attachments to her kilometric name, we have never used it, save for her certificate of birth. When I was finally able to bring her aside, all she could say was, "what? She asked me what I want to be called. I want to be called Therese from now on, I think it is a nice name." I gently explained to her that she is not used to answering to that name, that she might not realize that her teacher is calling her.

Whew! What a B-moment that was indeed!


mich said...

so did the teacher end up calling her therese or back to B?

phenomenalwoman16 said...

hi mich! i went up to the teacher after class to correct that "misunderstanding".

Audrey said...

omg, this was hilarious!!!

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