Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bubee Lunch Jar

As a mom to young athletes, I am always conscious about the nutritional intake of my kids.  Bacon, sausages, hotdogs, canned goods rarely, if at all, make an appearance on our dining table  I always try to serve food that is as close to the natural food source as possible.  

When J and her dad attended a nutritional seminar late last year, what the nutritionist discussed was a reinforcement that we were on the right path.  Yet, we needed to make a few alterations still.  For instance, even if the kids were eating the right kind of complex carbohydrates, we still needed to change how much of it they needed to consume, and at what time of the day. 

At the start of this year, knowing what I now know, I took it upon myself to implement a few changes starting with how to properly space the kids' meal (how much and when to eat).  And with the need to properly space their meals, come the need for an appropriate food container which can make hot foods hot, and cold foods cold for hours. 

 It is a relief and with perfect timing that the Bubee Lunch Jars were introduced to me.  One set of Bubee Lunch Jar includes two jars and a carrying pouch.  It is made of thick, food-grade stainless steel which is double layered.  It claims to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot for up to 5 hours.  I have not tested this for hot lunch, since I only use these containers to carry their breakfast and afternoon snacks, which only takes about an hour from food prep upto the time the kids eat it.  

If I use it to hold fruits, I simply flash freeze the container by putting it inside the freezer for 10 minutes.  I also make sure that the fruits have been placed in the refrigerator prior to slicing.  When I take out the container from the freezer, I just dump all the cold, sliced fruits and then cover. 

But if you intend to use this as a container to hold their lunch, you can try pouring very hot water into the lunch jar and letting it stay for about 5-10 minutes. Then pour out the water and simply put in the hot meal, and quickly cover it. This way, your kids should get warm lunch to enjoy. 

The lids are leak-proof so there is no concern over spilled sauces or liquids.  My older kid can easily open it for herself. While my two younger ones still need assistance as their hands are too small to cover the entire lid.
With the recent concern about BPA, nothing comes into contact with plastic with these containers.  As an added bonus, they are also very easy to clean, none whatsoever of the greasiness even with just one washing - something that your helper will absolutely thank you for.:)

Moms, you will be very happy to know that this is available locally and it is cheaper than Amazon, where it retails for US$49.99.  This simply means instant savings of at least P500, and that is not even counting the shipping charges.

For product inquiries, please visit shopsueystore on or Shop Around on Facebook.

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Mom-Friday said...

I will definitely check this out! I am looking for a stainless food container for the kids to keep food warm till lunch time. Although this looks kinda big nga.

sherie dy said...

Tins, where is this available?

The Phenomenal Woman said...

Hi Michelle! I cannot guarantee warm food until lunch time with this container, but it might help if you put it inside an insulated bag. I love it because I have been looking for a food container that is not plastic, this fits the bill. Not like the "timbrera" I grew up with. hehehe!

The Phenomenal Woman said...

Hi Sherie! Just click on the link I provided in the post it will take you to the FAcebook page of the seller, Shop Around.

Sunset Goddess Manila said...

Hi Tina! I bring baon to work to "regulate" the quantity of my food. I keep them in plastic containers such as Lock & Lock or Biokips. However, my problem is that by the time 1130 rolls around, the food is no longer hot or even warm. I'll try Bubee Lunch Jar and will try your tip about pouring hot water. I also want to make sure that the stainless steel material doesn't make the food taste like metal? I find some metal boxes are like this that's why I use plastic :( Anyway, thanks for this! :)

jen laceda said...

I use similar stainless steel food containers from Thermos and Foogoo, although Bubee comes in a stackable pair! Great solution for Asians who like to baon a variety of foods!

Sunset Goddess Manila said...

Hi Tina! I was just about to blog about Logos Hope! But as advance info, it will be in Manila until March 14 then will be in Subic naman from March 15 to April 8. :) - Judy

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