Wednesday, March 28, 2012

st'ART! by Ayala Museum

One of our favorite things to do every summer has always been to finish painting a canvass or two.  Although we haven't started one yet this summer, I am thinking of doing a series that will introduce different artists, their painting styles and famous works to the kids.

For those of you inclined to immerse your kiddos into art and introduce famous painters and their different art techniques, but would want to leave the teaching to the experts, Ayala Museum has an art program that is just right for you.  Ayala Museum is one of the country's favorite and premier museums , and for the summer of 2012 they make us love them more by offering a series of art workshops for kids with their st'ART program.

Start off with a workshop that is designed to introduce techniques to modern art via the artworks of local artist, Victorio Edades.  Admission to this workshop is FREE with the museum ticket purchase.

There is also a series of art workshops that will run the entire course of summer, each Thursday.
Discover the artist in your child by enrolling them in this summer's hottest workshop at the Ayala Museum! Through 8 creative workshops, your child will be introduced to the techniques and movements popularized by some of the biggest names in the local and international art scene! Workshop fees are P250 per session or P2000 for all. Enroll in all 8 and get a complimentary student membership good for 1 year for your child! Classes are from 3 - 5 pm on all Thursdays of April and May.

Summer St'ART

Your first steps towards art!

at Ayala Museum

For kids ages 7 – 12

Schedule of Activites:

APRIL 4      St'ART Fernando Zobel - syringe painting

           12      St'ART Henri Matisse - drawing with scissors

           19      St'ART Andy Warhol - pop art portrait painting

           26      St'ART Jose Joya - clay art

MAY   3      St'ART Pablo Picasso - Cubism Painting

          10      St'ART HR Ocampo - collage art

          17      St'ART George Seurat - puncher pointillism

          24      St'ART Jackson Pollock - marble - action painting

Download the registration form
here . For more information, please contact Carla Muñoz at 7577117 local 33 or 35 or email

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jen laceda said...

Wow, what a good idea for the kids! As a child, the arts were never a priority for my parents (Naku, si Noky talaga!). I wish it were, because I turned out to be such an art lover! I studied and read art history books myself on my free time; I visited museums; I travelled to Europe to learn more about art and architecture...I really wish my parents gave me the opportunity to develop this interest! Maybe I could have learned to paint or something (yikes!). That said, I promised myself and my kids that I will do whatever I can to support their interests and expose them to as many experiences in the world as possible. In the long run, supporting their interests can help them figure out what they may want to do with life - and not be wishy-washy about it, like I was!

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