Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY: Kokeshi Doll + Sock Bunny

J is currently up to her neck with projects for her arts class... she has had on her plate the following projects within the last month:  a sock bunny, an organizer made out of upcycled materials, an 8x10 acrylic self-portrait on canvass, a 16x20 abstract acrylic art on canvass.  I know she enjoys doing arts and crafts, but I pity her for being loaded with such a long list.  
I do not want to do her projects for her - even if I am sometimes very much tempted to do so.  She barely has time to study because of the rigid hours of swim training she has to put in, but I know that swimming is her way of de-stressing.  The locker room talk she has with her friends is always the best way to end her day.  

She came to me close to three weeks ago wanting to do something different for her sock bunny... so we brainstormed for ideas until it came to me, having been neck deep in making kokeshi-themed paper crafts for B's birthday, why not a kokeshi sock bunny!


Since she did most of the work in school, I was not able to photograph the step-by-step process of her project, nor am I privy to the instructions the teacher gave her.  I searched the web and I came to this site with a PDF of the illustrated instructions that comes very close to how she actually did it. 

I cannot provide you a photo of the finished kokeshi doll since I wasn't able to take a photo before she submitted it.  But you must indulge me for my motherly gushing when I say that the finished project is beyond cute!  So cute, in fact, it has been chosen as one of the projects to display for their school's week long HE exhibit.  Will update this post with a photo as soon as it is returned.

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The Sunset Goddess said...

I love arts and crafts and this is just perfect! Kakamiss the days when we used to have such projects for HE class :( Anyway, I love her self-portrait too--it doesn't look like a kid made it :)

jen laceda said...

Awww...she's so talented! Her self portrait is amazing! I don't think I can paint anything like that! I hope my kids grow up to have appreciation for the arts as well. It's an integral part of living! Who doesn't want to see beauty and cuteness?? Hi! to your talented brood! Your such a great mom!!!

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