Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Essence of Being R

With R turning one year older a few weeks ago and with nothing better to do one lazy afternoon, I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot to try to encapsulate the essence of being R. To capture for posterity his numerous moods and hilarious antics, if that was at all possible.

I caught him an eager and willing participant, as can be seen by his wide smile, reaching his ears.

I click and click away. Tho novelty of sitting for the camera has started to wear thin on him, and his interest has shifted back to the Ritz crackers he was busy munching on before I interrupted him for this shoot.

Unmindful of his disinterest with me and the camera, I continue to take photo after photo. Continuously asking him to shift his attention from the bag of crackers he was hard at work eating to "smile" at me. Hence, this photo...

Not willing to give up that easily, I went on with my task. And R, not wanting to give up without a fight, gave me this "masterpiece." Maybe, celebrities tired of running away from paparazzis could learn a thing or two...
I guess that was my cue to finally put down the camera and give him a hug for being mischievously adorable . tee-hee-hee!


jen laceda said...

hey t, how's it gong? hope this greeting finds you well and happy! wow...time flies. wasn't it just yesterday that R was baby? here's a photo of G at Folie a Deux...she's growing up so fast.

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