Friday, March 13, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed....

I have been a happy home baker for quite some time already. My trusty Phillips hand mixer and I have called each other team partners for ten years. I didn't realize it was possible to be even happier till I added a new member on my kitchen team - a Kitchen Aid mixer! Life before Kitchen Aid was all about manual labor. I remember mixing those Swiss meringue buttercream to stiff peaks on my trusty handheld. How my arm muscles called for a respite as I continuously and furiously go round and round trying to make the egg whites firm up. And how I would call on the maid to stand by, just in case my arms go AWOL on me.

The pricey tag was the reason why I couldn't bring myself to buy it. The cost would've almost bought me a new monogram mini lin speedy handbag in brown. But I do admit I have made a few stolen glances from afar. Specifically as I shopped online at the Sephora store on the Amazon website for my Bare Escentuals mineral make-up. Just right after I click "pay now" at the Sephora store, I quickly type Kitchen Aid in my new product search, and read the hundreds upon hundreds of product testimonials. Sigh!

Then I realized I didn't have to do this anymore. My mom has a Kitchen Aid which has been lying around somewhere in her kitchen. Vintage and brand new, both at the same time. Did I hear you say oxymoron? Because it is! She bought it the year I was born (so for all intents and purpose, let's just agree and say its vintage twenty-eight years), but she has never, not even once, used it. We all completely forgot about it, till I had this momentary flash of briliance! Since no one among my unmarried siblings has any use for it, it has found a new home on my kitchen granite.

Since I have gotten this, I have temporarily given my handheld its much needed rest. I have found myself baking more often. Now I know why hardcore bakers list this as one of their ultimate kitchen must-have list. I know it's on mine.

Here are photos of my my cinnamon rolls. I have made three consecutive batches in a span of one week due to insistent demand from my kids.



jen laceda said...

looks really good!

jen laceda said...

I'm back from Israel...and I think I am in love with the country!

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