Sunday, November 1, 2009

A New Pet for Mei-Ya

Lately, my young ones are inspired to take up writing as well. None more evident than B's seemingly mad obsession with writing short stories. She would cut out paper and bind them together with a staple wire to make a book. She would write, illustrate and color her work; and when done, she'd run to me and present her "work". I can only encourage her creative musings by patiently helping her out with difficult words she cannot spell on her own and endlessly listening to her read the stories out loud to me.

Just the other day, after school, while we were walking to the car, she excitedly told me that she brought one of her short stories to her teacher. She had asked her teacher to forward her work to the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper

To B's creativeness, I say: "Nurture it! Protect it! Let it run wild! That's all you ever need!"

A New Pet for Mei-Ya
written 2009 by a little girl who just turned 6.
She loves to write short stories.

Hi!  My name is Mei-Ya.  I am 5 years old.

I like gardening.  I like apples and bananas. 


She doesn't like leaves because green is not her favorite color.

She wants to have a pet.

Her mother said "no," because she is too young.

The next morning. . .

Her Older Brother said," I want a pet."

Her mom said, "yes."

 His mommy brought home a rabbit.

They put the rabbit in a cage.

Mei-Ya and her brother take care of it.

The End.



jen laceda said...

Hi Tina,
Yes, hone B's talent to the fullest. She is such a bright, creative girl!

Great story, B


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