Monday, January 10, 2011

Hong Kong: Getting Re-acquainted

My family spent Christmas in Hong Kong this year.  Like our past Christmases in this food and shopping haven, we do not overload on shopping, and instead focus our attention on the sights (in spite of the limited attractions) and food (no matter how many times our pants tell us enough is enough).
Christmas Tree at Ocean Park
Hong Kong can be many things to people of different demography.  To most of us, Hong Kong can only mean shopping, shopping and more shopping!  When I was still single, Hong Kong always reminded me of mirrored urban skyscrapers and fashionable ladies walking in stilettos, designer bags on manicured hands.  For the epicurean tourist, Hong Kong’s twisting alleyways mean unending eateries waiting to be dined in; exotic dishes served up to the spirited and daring diner.
Skyscrapers at Central, Hong Kong's CBD
Suckling Pig Appetizer
Visiting Hong Kong with kids, on the other hand, is like getting to know an old friend on a discrete and multi-layered level.  She has not necessarily changed; only this time, you are privileged to see a different side of her than what she initially let on.  

When I first brought the kids to Hong Kong a few years ago, my youngest just turned three years old then.  It was with great effort that I planned our trip; deliberately avoiding the usual shopping jaunts and putting focus on places that I know my kids will enjoy. 
"Let It Snow" Disney Parade
This time around, we followed a similar itinerary plus some heavy food tripping on the side.  I think the kids took more pleasure from this trip because they have grown up a bit, and thus are now able to actively involve themselves in our culinary jaunts.

In my succeeding posts, I will be writing about the must-see sights, interesting places we brought the kids, where we stayed, and most important of all - where we dined.   If you must know, we had the pleasure of dining at a few Michelin-starred restaurants.

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Mom-Friday said...

wow i can't wait for your follow-up posts! hopefully we too can have a holiday in HK by the end of the (and hubby!) are itching to go to Disneyland, but would be great to have more ideas on the must-see/go sights and eateries :)

The Phenomenal Woman said...

Go Michelle! Your kids are just at the right age to go. :) I am busy working on it right now, and hopefully the first installment will be out within the week. There are a lot of photos to sort... and throw out. :)

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