Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Version Of Summer

It is right in the middle of summer already, so how is yours going along? 

I hope the earlier posts I shared on summer activities (taken from Smart Parenting) was useful.  It covered basically everything from culinary arts, to sports, to academic enrichment, and performing arts. Still, if you feel that you need more ideas, here is a compilation of the activities my kids have done in the summers past.

The idea of conducting my own summer camp for the kids initially stemmed out of a practical solution to avoid having to drive the kids all over town.  I have three kids and taking into consideration the multiple and varied interests each of my kids have, my mind cannot process and my body simply disagrees with the task of taking them everywhere all at the same time.  And the amount I spend paying for their summer activities alone could easily swell to an amount close to what I would pay for school tuition for one child.  And that is NOT an exaggeration. 

Here are some of the ways we have spent our summers, hopefully you can also enjoy the same with your kids!  You can click on the titles if you want to read more of that particular activity.

1.  ARTS and CRAFTS.  I enjoy drawing, painting, crafting, writing, baking, gardening.  Those areas are basically where I hold court, so summer mornings with my kids are, by and large, spent doing any of those cherished activities. 

Iron-On Shirts
Take your cue from your child and put out his/her favorite character into a shirt.  You can read the DIY instruction for IRON-ON SHIRTS here.
Click here to read more about making your own ice cream.

Bake some CUPCAKES! Swirl or monogram your frosting.

Click here to read more about the different ways to enjoy summer fruits


Camping:  Dad and Me Camp
 Read about their adventures on their first camping trip here; and the subsequent camp here.


Enjoy your Summer!

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Julie said...

Wow! These are great summer fun activities with your kids and I'm sure they will remember all these with fondness :)

Jen Laceda said...

I remember reading all these posts! all are great ideas to keep little hands (and minds) busy!

Mom-Friday said...

As I've told you before, your posts on your 'summer camp' inspired me to do a few things here at home too and saved on summer program fees! Great compilation and great job with these DIY projects!

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