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Holidays 2011: Singapore Sojourn

C surprised the kids with an 8-day Singapore sojourn during the holiday break.  For most people, myself included, a country as tiny as Singapore merits only 5 days maximum; but C wanted to get underneath the skin of this highly urbanized yet charming place.  Let me just add that it sincerely pleases me no end to mention that the primary reason he thought of an extended stay was for it also to be a “vacation” for the real sense of the word.  You just have to LOVE him!
The trip’s restful cadence started on the MIASCOR airport lounge as we ate our very early breakfast at 4am.  One of the reasons C and I brought our AMEX Platinum cards along was to avail of the free access to the lounge.  A cardholder is allowed to bring in one guest. But since there were five of us, there was a slight problem initially as they did not want to let the third child in.  It was a good thing I also brought my Citibank Platinum card, as it also has the same privileges, so everyone was finally able to get in.
The MIASCOR staff are attentive and solicitous, but the place showed signs of aging and is in bad need of renovation.  The place looks exactly like how I saw it the first time- a few years short of a decade. The leather chairs are peeling around the edges of the seat, and the place just generally looks tired.  Not necessarily how a private lounge should look like.  Nonetheless, a free stay at the lounge is still a free stay, and is still way better than waiting at the common boarding area.

We flew Singapore Airlines.  If you have seen ads of Singapore airlines in magazines; you will notice the ads always has a prominent image of smiling female flight attendants.   Stepping inside the plane, I soon found out that it is publicity much deserved as the attendants are truly the representatives of what the airline promises to deliver... hospitality and grace in the skies.  The attendants were very accommodating and obliging; the service is top-notch that we did  not have to ask for anything because almost all of our needs are anticipated.  

The in-flight entertainment also offered a wide variety of up-to-date movies, TV shows, music, games, and interactive programs.  It also mattered to C that the airline frequently renews its fleet, and has one of the youngest fleet around.  All in all, the choice to make if you, like my husband, value a higher quality of service.
Singapore is a small place that in effect every attraction is moderately nearby. Still, with so many to choose from, it was tough to write our own list of places to visit.  I spent a good number of days before the trip preparing our itinerary, putting in place a laid-back schedule that allowed us to appreciate Singapore’s multi-ethnic heritage sites and rich cultural culinary diversity in a comfortable pace.  To do so with a relaxed tempo requires a longer stay, without a doubt.
As you can see from our travel itinerary, we did not pack our days with attractions to visit; instead, keeping in mind the interest and energy level of our kids, we chose on most days to highlight our day with just one major attraction.  It proved to be the best, as the kids took their time in each place to soak up whatever caught their interest. 

Lots of time to run around and race; 
feel the wind on our face...  

...make funny faces; 
laugh till our voices are carried away by echoes to far-away places...

Lots of time to take breaks and sit without a care; 
we are in no hurry - so we lounge around in true vacation flair...

We fill our days with spectacular sights and sounds,
savanna, jungle and ocean animals, lush rain-forests.... they all abound!
All within the city, it truly astounds. 

The roar of the lion, the tallness of the giraffe, the stripes of the zebra... 
they all call out to the kids: "Come take a closer peek!" 
Animals roaming around freely... how this makes their happiness complete!

Some days, we squeeze in some time to swish and splash... 
But every night time, we enjoy the city lights, sparkles and holiday flash...

The wide areas of greenery make the li'l boy jump up and down the whole afternoon; 
oh, his happiness is such: he must be singing in his head and dancing to his own tune!

Lots of time to go on tranquil walks, be appreciative of the surroundings in silent thrill;
arm in arm with your loved one, if you so will. 

Yes, there were a LOT of those in this trip!

Will be publishing more detailed posts in the coming days.  Drop by again soon. :)

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jen laceda said...

Looking forward to more posts about Singapore! We want to plan a trip to S'pore also while Meng is still there. Only problem is...coming from Canada, it will cost us over $5000 in flights for the 5 of us (with one even an infant!). Flights alone will totally blow our budget! LOL! Oh well...we'll see :) Thanks for sharing all your family pics! You guys look so happy and relaxed!

Mom-Friday said...

Posts like these make me feel so kawawa talaga! LOL!!!
Have not been away in ages, and for that length of time! Such is our sacrifice until we pay off our house. Local trip lang muna.
C is the man!
Been to S'pore 2x in the past -- first time 5days, second time 3 days = 8 days din, hahaha.... but so many new sites to see so I'll be checking back on your posts when the time comes. HK muna!

The Sunset Goddess said...

Hi Tina! Looks like you guys had so much fun! :) When I went to Singapore, I stayed for four full days and it was still kulang. Despite its size, Singapore really has a lot to offer for travelers, especially for families. Looking forward to your other Singapore posts :)

Audrey said...

Hi Achi Tins! Happy New Year!! Too bad Meng was in the Phils when you went to Singapore. It was my first time to travel to S'pore last year and I too fell in love with what the country had to offer! So entertaining and the food was just absolutely delish :)

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