Friday, June 22, 2012

Phenomenal Tip: How to Store Scallions/Leeks

The kids have all gone back to school, and my mornings have slowly begun to ease back into my comfortable ritual.  I now have time to position myself in front of the computer uninterrupted – for a long stretch of time.  I used to think, when my oldest was still a pre-schooler and my youngest an infant, that I would eventually be rewarded with lots of leisure time as they get older, and thus be less needy.  Such a silly thought!:)  I am soon to be a mother to a high-schooler, and yet my days are still filled with activities that are all about being a mother.  

Anyway, after being deficient in writing posts the entire summer, let me get going by sharing with you a wonderful kitchen tip that has been of much help in my kitchen...How to store leeks and scallions to enjoy them upto two weeks.

I love scallions and leeks, and I frequently use them to garnish our plates come dinner time.  However, most homemakers rarely use them because of their tarnished reputation for the reason that they wilt quickly.

Let me show you what I do...

1.  First clean the leeks/scallions in running water, making sure to take out the grime and dirt.  Throw out wilted parts also.

2.  Then placed the scallions alongside the container where you plan to store them, and cut them out a few inches shorter.

 3.  Leave them slightly damp, cover tightly.  They will keep for upto two weeks - guaranteed!

 4.  Enjoy them!
Silken Tofu with Dried Scallops and Scallions. Recipe to follow soon!
Dried Scallops and Egg White Fried Rice. Recipe to follow soon!

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Jen Laceda | Tartine and Apron Strings said...

Can't wait for the recipe! This is a helpful tip indeed! I like scallions and leeks and can eat them with anything. Anything.

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