Thursday, January 31, 2013

Phenomenal Tip: Ways to Re-Purpose Your Child's Old Crib

I have long donated all my maternity clothes; my baby stroller and car seats have been given away as well; newborn onesies and booties have found new owners, too.  I've given them all away since I don't have any more plans to get pregnant - ever again. (saying this with fingers crossed... in both hands.  hahaha!)

If you are lucky enough to have managed to hold on to your crib and crib mattress, I found several photos that show the many ways on how to repurpose old cribs and mattresses.  The projects look so dreamy, you'll be tempted to make one yourself. 

Here is the crib re-purposed into a toddler arts and crafts table.  Just take out one side of the rail, add some chairs, hang some supplies, and your kids now have their very own crafts center.  I wished I had seen this earlier, when my kids were younger and easily impressed.  This is a really efficient and cheap way to repurpose the crib.  No additional hardware or carpentry works necessary. 
It could also just be repurposed into a simple toddler study desk... because good study habits are easier taught when kids are younger.  I love the chalkboard tabletop, where kids can doodle all they want without the parents having to worry about the walls.

The photo below shows a grown-up take on the repurposed crib. I would love to have one like this. 

Cribs can also be made into a love seat, with a few carpentry works required.  The crib matress also doubles as cushion. 

Love the "princess and the pea"  look of this multi foam sofa.  Perfect for a little girl's playroom.
with a few modifications, the crib frame can even be a hanging daybed

Should you go ahead and convert the crib into a toddler desk, the crib mattress is not a lost cause as it can also be used alone   As you can see, it easily converts into a two-seater daybed.  

This one looks right at home in a Japanese minimalist home

And even that crib bumper pad, can be repurposed into a bench cushion.  Just cut the bumper pad in half and put the two halves alongside each other and tie together.

I bet I have you looking for that old crib and mattress.:)

*double click on the photos for the source
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