Monday, May 4, 2009

Of Bees, Buddha and Blackberries...

The long Labor Day weekend found the family in Tagaytay celebrating 2 wonderful occasions, my in-laws wedding anniversary and my niece’s 2nd birthday. Family gatherings like these offer a wonderful way for the kids to bond with their cousins, and a great way too for the grown-ups to get away from the stress of city living.
The picture above shows us having lunch at T house. A new boutique hotel which also boasts of a gourmet restaurant and a spa.

We have been to this city countless of times yet there are always numerous places of interest sprouting, assuring us that each visit seems like the first. The first stop of the trip was at Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm, where we filled our shopping baskets till they overflowed with homeopathic products, all made with honeybee by-products.

We also visited a hydoponics farm slash Chinese arts museum. Yoki's Farm has to be one of the biggest lettuce farm South of Manila.

The vegetable farm also features a big structure housing numerous Chinese artifacts, mostly sculptures. The piece de resistance is a 30-foot statue of a smiling, golden Buddha which unfortunately was cut-off from the picture by the kids' nanny.

This three-masted Chinese junk ship boasts of intricate details and is carved out of a singular piece of jade. Jade statues this big usually commands top dollars, reaching up to US$2,000.00.

The differently hued flora found in the garden made for a colorful collage.

The different produce grown in the farm makes their way to the more well-known restaurants within Tagaytay.

My own harvest of blackberries...



jen laceda said...

Blackberries are my summer favourite, specially when they are oozing in sweetness. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. We are planning a Philippines trip (all of us Audrey, Meng, Giada, my hubby, everyone...) in 2011 for Jesse's wedding. We definitely have to see each other and you have to take us around to the coolest, hippest places in Manila! We want to include a Cagayan, Boracay, and Palawan tour for us! Hahaha. Get ready for us to storm Manila!

Meanwhile, we have survived Morocco and are now in Barcelona. We were stuck without wifi the last few days in Marrakech, but it's ok, we figured we're in Africa...c'est la vie! Barcelona is fab and shopping here is fab as well. I definitely think it beats Paris when it comes to fashion. But then again, I have a penchant to stuff that are, well, less mainstream. Keep in touch!

P.S. My best friend Michelle Lee has a blog as well. Will give you the url sometime later,,,ciao!

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