Monday, August 16, 2010

Fashion For Less For The Li'l Fashionista

I have noticed of late that the li'l lady and li'l girl have been increasingly asking to frequent Zara, much too often for my comfort.  I try to make sure that the shopping jaunts are well-timed during SALE season... nay, make that the first day of SALE season.  It's best to cut off the shopping addiction before the claws dig itself too deep.  :)
The little lady has been looking high and low for a pair of jeggings in black and washed-up denim.  What serendipity to find the last pair available in the whole store was her size, and discounted at only Php 500?  When I first heard the term, I threw up one eyebrow high up in the air as I could.  What the....?  Just when I thought skinny jeans could not be any skinnier, fashion throws jeggings right at me.  Tsk! Tsk! :)

If you've been a long-time reader, then you must have heard of J's minor issue with shoes.  She is a shoe addict whose shoe cabinet strongly rivals mine.  Her collection of Havaianas flip-flops alone puts mine to shame.  Her love of shoes has led me to call her octopus lady.  Whenever she begs for a new pair, I always come up with, "Why do you need a new pair for?  How many feet have you got?"  We always end up laughing.

She particularly loves the designs from Steve Madden.  While we now have the same shoe size and can make several shoe purchases more cost-efficient, I am not particularly fond of the idea of sharing shoes.  Sadly, even with her lady-sized feet, she is still a spunky little girl who loves to skip and run.  

Her feet grows at an amazing rate, too, that buying an expensive pair doesn't really make it worth it.  Yet, who knows, at the rate she wears her shoes, they might be worn out even before she outgrows them. :)  So bye-bye Steve Madden; hello, Target!  

My online cart at Target is filled to overflowing with shoe boxes for my two girls.  Most of the collection offered are very similar to department store brands, but at very affordable prices.  I have made a "Fashion for Less"  spread below.  Enjoy it!

This sophisticated ruched and buckled sandal from Steve Madden looks amazing with the coolest dresses, skirts and jumpers.  I got her an amazing look-alike hooded sandals from Target at a fraction of the cost

This bohemian gladiator inspired flats looks divine with short or long skirts or dresses that are just the right length to allow the bejeweled ankle design to peek through.



    Mom-Friday said...

    Luuvvet! :D did i mention i'm a shoe-a-holic? :D saw similar styles at local stores...

    I was thinking of launching a blog meme for my monthly Mom-Finds and I was hoping you could contribute. It's only every last Friday (pay-day weekends) of the month. Game? :)

    Mom-Friday said...

    Oops, my "Love it" looked like Luuwet! haha...

    The Phenomenal Woman said...

    Sure, Michelle! I will try to contribute. I just cannot promise to do so on a regular basis. If its ok with you, just give me the topic a few weeks in advance. As you can see, I do not update my blog on a regular basis... only when I have time. That is why I was just going to ask you, how you do it? It's like you have a new one every other day. Parang I just made a comment a few days ago, tapos here you are with two new posts again. I envy you! :)

    Anonymous said...

    Really enjoy your blogs.

    How do u buy from Target? Do you have someone in the US to send you a balikbayan box ever so often?

    The Phenomenal Woman said...


    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I buy online and have it shipped to a us based forwarder. A couple of friends usually share 1 box and we split the shipping cost among ourselves.

    Anonymous said...

    I am what you call a fashionista much like yourself but I am a tad different. I am not against spending more money and buying items that are made with a little better quality. I would not mind spending some money on Steve Madden shoes because I am sure the money will go a long way to making sure my shoes last for a long time.

    jen laceda said...

    i love shoes and shoe-shopping! We just got back from New York and it was a blast shopping in SoHo and NoLita and the Lower East Side. Of course, I also set aside some time to shoe shop. I am currently obsessed with military-style boots with lace ups and buckles. I just bought a pair from All Saints Spitalfields.

    I'm just amazed at how much alike the sandals are (above). I love Target for essentials - undies, basics, summer sandals...and many other knick-knack!

    The Phenomenal Woman said...

    Hi Jen! I was also in a boots-shopping mode early this year. I was on the look-out for engineer boots. I know! What has gotten into me, right? Imagine boots in Manila? hahaha! but no, I didn't push through. Logic caught up with me! :)

    The Phenomenal Woman said...

    The Target shoes are for my fast-growing little girls. :) They usually outgrow their clothes and shoes very fast... as in very. For myself, I spend a bit more and invest on quality rather than quantity. Steve Madden would be a good choice for shoes.

    But then again, I am really a bag person. :)

    jen laceda said...'re breeding some serious fashionistas there! Like mother, like daughter talaga!! Hehehe. C better start saving up na! Next thing you know, the girls will be asking for LV bags! Oy-vey!

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