Friday, August 27, 2010

Scholastic Clearance Sale

My family LOVE books!  Just look at our partial collection here.   We do not favor a particular genre, every topic is interestingly devoured.  Read this and know what is one of my favorite things to do on a lazy afternoon. :)

The kids have their own library, almost as big as mine, which is also full of books, most of them with worn out pages.  We do not mind indulging them with purchases of new ones as the books inspire the kids to get creative, like right here.

When they were younger I remember the kids loved the adorable "If You Give"  series...

Geronimo Stilton is also another well-loved series...

And, when we go out, we usually make a stop at our favorite bookstore before finally heading home.

So, it is only but natural for me to be excited in sharing with you about this fantastic book sale by Scholastic! This will be August 27-30 and September 1-2, 2010 at their warehouse in Pasig.  

Discount on books can go up to 75% off! Imagine buying a book as low as P30 only!  The selections available include best-sellers, award winning titles, past season items, stock-outs, samples, and display copies.  What's more they also offer Bag-All-You-Can at P495.00 or  Box-All-You-Can at P1,495.00

Here is how to get there:
1st Scholastic Clearance Sale 2010
August 27-30, Sept. 1-2, 2010
Friday to Monday, Wednesday to Thursday
8 am to 8 pm
Scholastic Warehouse
No. 70 C. Raymundo Avenue,
Rosario, Pasig City
Telephone Numbers: 900-1537; 628-4487
Mobile Number: 09175804784
Email address:


jen laceda said...

We love books, too! When move, our movers always dread my book boxes because they know how heavy they get. The last time we moved, I had 10 boxes of them. It's definitely a weakness. We haven't read the "If you give" series, but will definitely check them out. I recently discovered the joy of Canadian Public Libraries! They have a good collection, convenient online search and reservations system...and it's FREE!

The Phenomenal Woman said...

I don't think the Philippines has any public libraries that can beat the selection our favorite bookstore offers us.:) Plus, the comfy couch and the cool a/c. hahaha!

The girls make a weekly visit to their school library, though.

TC said...

Geronimo Stilton is the face if my eldest & my youngest loves Dan gutman books the weird daze series. She says it's very funny! Enjoy the sale tin!

Mom-Friday said...

I personally am not a bookworm but I'm happy my kids are emerging readers...G.Stilton is also the kids' current favorite! :) Enjoyed going to that bookstore up there too ;)

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