Monday, March 8, 2010

Sooner Than Planned

Looks like J will be doing her first Aquathlon sooner than planned.  She had originally wanted to participate in Alaska’s IronKids Philippine edition, which was scheduled for May this year, but her swimming coach signed up the whole team for the Ateneo Aquathlon this coming March 14, 2010.  That is about exactly less than a week from today.

She has been doing land training on top of her usual swimming regimen to prepare for this.  She is excited and I do not want to put any additional pressure, but I do remind her to do her best (you know, with eyes glaring and all).  She is registered to do the Aquathlon Classic under the 12 & under age category.  Participants in this event will have to complete a 600m swim and a 6km run to finish the race, except for the 12& under age group which will only have to do a 400m swim and a 3k run.

She will have to transverse 2 rounds of the Ateneo’s own first-class indoor Loyola Schools Swimming Pool (25m long), which makes for 16 laps, to complete 400m during the swim leg.

 After completing the swim, she has to cover the distance of 3k around the Ateneo campus.

Although I haven't had any experience doing an Aquathlon, I have my own running experience to share with her.  I particularly remind her almost everyday for the past week, before she starts running off to join her team mates, that...
"it is important to not go out too hard at the beginning of each leg. Race your race, and do not worry about what other racers are doing. My motto is always:  Start slow and finish strong!  It is also important to re-hydrate the body during the race.  I make it a point to stop at every water station and take a sip of water, even if it means adding a few seconds or even minutes to my race time.  Running during this scorching hot summer month can leave our body as dry as a lizard in the desert. Refueling the body with liquid will help us feel great and run fast.  And no matter what, stay relaxed during the race and enjoy every minute of it!  Good luck, Achi!"


jen laceda said...

Good luck, J! And hey, I didn't know Ateneo now has indoor pools! During my time there, we had to swim in the outdoor pool, which gets cold sometimes!! Wow, 16 laps in the 25m pool is quite a feat for under 12's. I remember having to warm up for swim class before and we did 16 laps in ICA's pool. I remember getting up from the pool extremely TIRED! And to run 3K after that? That's some serious stuff! I can barely run 3K straight! Good luck and have fun, J!!

The Phenomenal Woman said...

A lot of improvements in your alma mater, Jen! We always wish we could see the inside of the new library whenever we bring the kids to Bellarmine. The outside of the building is impressive as it is.

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