Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Seventh!

It’s B’s seventh birthday today. And so this post is dedicated to her.

She is the sweetest girl who gives the bestest hugs.  “Hugs and kisses, mommy’’ she’d always call out with both of her tiny arms out-stretched before she affectionately wraps them around my neck.  She would always gently hold me for a few seconds longer to give way to a good, tight squeeze.  She’d pull away momentarily, only to reel me back in again for a kiss on the cheek, “I love you mom.  That is her trademark hug.  They tell me, without any need for words ,that she appreciates my love and care, and she wishes me to feel she loves me back.  

She brightens up my day with her delightful sweetness and willful individuality.  Yep, she’s the kind of girl who asserts her right to be heard - quite aggressively.   Yes, she never hesitates to speak her mind out and she has left me speechless a couple of times;  and if you hear her lead the the night time prayers, you will agree that she talks tirelessly, indeed; and she is sure to give her dad and me quite a few headaches in the very near future as she discovers crushing on someone this early!

Once, she spent the night at my parents and  my youngest sister found out for herself as B tirelessly talked non-stop and monopolized the conversation at the table– for the whole duration of dinner.  Yesterday my sister handed her birthday gift to B, and it says on the tag:  “To my niece.  Happy Birthday to our little pain in the neck… who gives the sweetest greetings and hugs!”

It is no joke to be trapped riding in a car with her, because once she starts taking, there is no stopping – seriously!  I was in the middle of a convoluted traffic jam when I found all her noise talking a little bit distracting, so I cut her off midsentence to tell her that she could be likened to a radio… without an OFF button.  She paused for a second… and squinted her eye… and tucked her bottom lip under her top teeth… and folded her arms… and continued talking.  There are a lot more accounts to chronicle the cheeky  life-force that is B, but this is her day and I will refrain myself and post them another day. :)
After weeks of thinking of a theme for her birthday cake, she finally found one a few days ago... Sanrio's Sugarbunnies, it is!   We do not have any Sugarbunnies character toys at home, and  Estrel's is swamped with too many customers nowadays that they do not accept elaborate made to order cakes anymore.  I just made these toppers on photoshop to make the cake go with her preferred theme.  I cut these toppers into rounds and stick them onto toothpicks.
You can tell by the look on her face that she likes her cake...

Happy seventh, B!  You really are the sweetest.  And your hugs truly make my day, everyday!   I love you!


jen laceda said...

Awww...B is so cute! Happy Birthday, B!!!! Lucky year 7!!!

Love the birthday cake, by the way.

Mom-Friday said...

happy BIRTHDAY B! beautiful cake for a sweet and beautiful girl :)

Jobel said...

Happy birthday B. Congrats Daddy C and Mommy T!!! Hope to see you guys soon...with or without the delicious looking cake :-) Jobs

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