Friday, May 21, 2010

Amore Weekend

It seems to be an annual event going down south to Tagaytay to spend the long Labor Day weekend.  Just like last year, we had a double celebration of love in this windy municipality- my in-law's wedding anniversary and my niece's birthday.  
Although we often visit, what makes this trip stands out is that …

1.  This marks the first time that we got the kids a separate room in the hotel.  This is a milestone!  Imagine, after a decade or so, I can finally allow my grasping hands to loosen the rein over them even in an infinitesimal bit.  While C was thrilled with the prospect of uninterrupted solitude, the kids were rapturous and frenzied over the idea of having their own television in the room with no dad to wrestle the remote control with.  That is a strong indication of how starved they are for some television time.  We only have one TV in our house, and viewing is on a strict schedule that could rival Madonna's. :) 

2.  We did not act like crazed out-of-towners, wanting to visit every must-see destination.  We opted to lounge in our rooms for long periods at a time.   

We ventured out to a nearby flower farm just in time to watch as the clouds catch the sun’s fiery shade of tangerine, signaling its setting down below the horizon.
3.  Consuming heavenly fresh pasta and stone baked pizza from an authentic Italian restaurant by the roadside is one of the highlights of our trip.    

The pizza is baked in an artisan stone oven, which makes for a crisp, superior tasting crust.

Good fresh pasta is a taste treat second to none, a vastly superior cousin to the store-bought kind, and is much lighter in the palate and absorbs sauces, especially those made with butter or cream.  With that in mind, we ordered the Gnocchi in Alfredo sauce.  It was simply divine and was finished off by the three kids in a flash.

It was a good thing C had the hotel’s concierge place a seven p.m. reservation for us because the place was packed for dinner, with more people waiting in line.
The small kitchen seemed to be unequipped to handle the deluge of diners that night, similarly the servers were bowled over with the various request of the famished guests.  There are no other food pictures that night for the reason that everyone’s hands dug right in the moment the plates were put down - at nine pm.
Even the youngest one amongst us couldn’t wait for her yaya to feed her and put matters into her own hands.
The food is delicious and as authentic as they come and the staff is very accomodating, but they do have to prioritize on improving the kitchen.  The more than one hour wait for the food was just too much.  Still, we would go back the next time we are in Tagaytay, but we would probably drop by for a late and long lunch.

Amoroma Ristorante Italiano
Brgy. Tolentino
Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 696-3582


Mom-Friday said...

wow separate rooms! that would be the day! :D It's great to "follow" you through your Tagaytay adventures with all your wonderful discoveries.

jen laceda said...

Clearly, I am missing a lot by not living there in the Philippines anymore. How I wish I could go back soon! I think next year, at Jesse's wedding...Nov. 2011 daw!

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