Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nuvali: A Visit and A Trail Run

New Balance is organizing a trail run at Nuvali in celebration of Father’s Day.  I have never ran on a trail course and have been wanting to try it for the longest time.  They say that running a trail is more demanding than doing a road race.  It is to my advantage that New Balance opened a 5k/Pair Run category.  That would be the perfect distance for a first-timer.

I remember joining the Greenfield City Run last 2009.  The route covered the roads of Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay-Greenfield.   Nuvali was just in the early stages of its development.  We passed by the same road during our labor day weekend trip to Tagaytay, and saw a flourishing community in Nuvali.

That Nuvali share the same developer as Anvaya Cove is no wonder, given that the area shows some smart urban planning.  Nuvali is the first large-scale development in the country that proposes a mixed use eco-community committed to nurturing an environmentally and socially thriving locality. 
 Going on a tour around Nuvali by cruising the man made lake.
It encourages alternative means of transportation and has built the appropriate infrastructure conducive for it. In this community, bikes are given the same importance as cars.  Road structures in the developments are built in a way that would encourage residents to bike instead of drive, highlighted by its bike lanes to encourage human dwellers to leave their cars at home for short-distance travel.
Water taxis are provided as an alternate means of transport to move residents around, decreasing air pollution by saving on diesel fuel consumption.
Even the guards patrolling the area are on bikes.

Some of the inclined roofs are oriented to the south, opening up the possibility of using renewable energy sources in the future.
We enjoyed our brief stopover at Nuvali en route to Tagaytay with a hearty breakfast; through it all, B's new friend, Berry summarized what eco-living is all about as she hitches a ride in someone's back-pocket. :)

Click here if you want to know more about the New Balance Trail Adventure:  A Father's Day Run.


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