Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soccer, Swim, Run

Last Saturday the girls had their first soccer festival for this school year.    As you can see, the team is complete with de rigueur accessories.
 Soccer bag?  Check.
Umbrella?  Check.

Sadly, what they didn't bring to the tournament is their own soccer ball to use during warm-up.  Hence, instead of doing foot drills.....

The kids went their own way during summer with only a few handful continuing with soccer training.   J herself was immersed with swimming training the whole of summer.  The team only had a few days worth of practice since the start of school and it showed in their performance.  It was funny looking at how they all dodged the ball during penalty kick.
It is also B's first time to join a competition with the school team.  She is excited as can be.  Coach fielded her for a few minutes, but like most of the girls in Team 2003, she stayed at the sidelines most of the time - chit-chatting up a storm.

The day after, J is back doing the Alaska IronKids again.  This time around, she participated with her soccer friends.  All the girls went to the aquathlon tired from the day before because of the back to back timing of the race with the St. Ignatius Soccer Tournament.  Nonetheless, no one minded the body and muscle aches since everyone only felt excitement on doing the race together.  
The are a lot of familiar faces in the pool due to the lack of a swimming competition for the month of July.  You can feel the self-assured vibe these highly-spirited kids were giving off.  The presence of competitive swimmers made J comment that the felt she was in the Nuvali koi pond during feeding time.

Scary?  Yikes!  Everyone wanted to get ahead, with some of the kids swimming on top of the others in the mad scramble to get ahead.  Naturally, the fast swimmers left the rest trailing behind.

Like the previous event, she did a 200m swim and a 1.5k run.  She was the 5th girl out of the water, but she lost her lead in the run split.  Nevertheless, congratulations is in order as she has managed to improve her time by a good two minutes.  She finished 15th out of 36 girls.

Her race statisticss this time around:
swim split: 4:10.7
transition and run split:  10:32.3
total race time:  14:43.0
Just to make sure she doesn't stay longer in the transition any more than necessary, her race bib was attached to her tri-belt.  Clearly, not tying her shoelaces was not one of the things we talked about when we went through how to improve her transition time.  :) 



Dad said...

I am really proud of my kids, i'm sure they'll be more in all aspect of their lives than i'll ever be! thanks in a great part that they have a good mentor...their mom!

Mom-Friday said...

Dad said it all :)
Good to know ICA is grooming a women's football team, before we only had a volleyball team.

The Phenomenal Woman said...

Thanks Chrissie! :) For you to acknowledge all my effort, makes everything so worth it!

Magaling ba talagang mentor? wink! wink! :)

jen laceda said...

You and Chris are so sweet! I'm sure the two of you are good mentors! I'm so proud of my niece, J ! 15th out of 36 is not bad ! Not bad at all! And to improve her time by two minutes is a great achievement! Awesome!

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