Monday, February 21, 2011

Hong Kong: Tonkichi Tonkatsu

Arriving in Hong Kong from our 8AM flight, we got to Causeway Bay just in time for lunch. We immediately headed for Tonkichi Tonkatsu, a casual and reasonably priced restaurant that is just a stone’s throw away from our hotel. 
As the restaurant’s name hints at, Tonkatsu is the house specialty, and the menu comes with a short list of items on everything breaded and fried. 
Everyone is given sesame seeds arranged in a container with rigged sides, designed to crush the seeds.  Once they are pulverized, you can add the tonkatsu sauce. 
The kids and I are too hungry to be adventurous so we played safe and each one of us ordered the regular kind. The sidings of shredded cabbage can be refilled - with compliments.
Chris opted for the Curried version.
After tasting their version of tonkatsu, you will agree with me that from henceforth on there is tonkatsu - and then there is Tonkichi Tonkatsu:  crunchy batter on the outside, with thick (and I kid not when I say thick) and moist cutlets of tender pork on the inside. 

As if it is even possible to make this dining experience better than it already is, we found ourselves the lucky recipient of a $100 Tonkichi Tonkatsu gift certificate from a complete stranger who just happened to go into the restaurant looking for a table to give the expiring coupon to.  Lucky Us!
Tonkichi Tonkatsu Seafood 
Room 412, Podium 4
World Trade Centre
280 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay

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Jen Laceda said...

i love tonkatsu!!! how lucky you got the $100 g.c. did you go back to use it?

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