Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hong Kong: Where to Stay

Since summer is officially here, I am sure a lot of you are planning on where to take your family.  This post is still about our Hong Kong Christmas vacation... yeah, I am posting it this late.  But fortuitously, it is still a relevant topic for those of you wanting to visit HK this summer.

Should you opt for a hotel location that is diligently full of activity even up to the deep hours of the night, then Causeway Bay is for you.  The streets are well-lighted from all the neon store signs that as you step out of your hotel door near midnight, it would appear as if it’s daytime if you don’t look up at the night sky.  The Filipinos’ most often choose to reside at the Excelsior Hotel or at the ParkLane Hotel.

Because of the size of my family, the rooms at Parklane are more appropriate for us.  Our room has a stunning view of the harbour and Victoria Park.  You can choose between a queen or twin sized bed.  They have complimentary coffee and tea making facilities and complimentary one distilled water daily.  I am a creature of habit, and I often clean up as I go along.  The housekeeper thanks me for it, and she says so by leaving 3-5 bottles of water each day. :)  haha!
I love it that the bathroom has a see-through wall, all the better to see what the kids are up to... you know, if they scrubbed their bodies thoroughly, or brushed their teeth enough.  No worries, the drapes can be drawn, should the need for privacy arise. :)
If you make a reservation at this hotel, make sure to request for a room with the park/harbor view so you are greeted each morning with a view of the lovely Victoria Park.
Parklane is conveniently located right in the middle of a busy shopping and commercial district.  There are a lot of eateries, cafes and bakeries around.  Wellcome (a local grocery) is right beside it.  

Breakfast is almost always in-room. I wake up half and hour early to prepare an assortment of bread. We have different preferences; I enjoy the slightly bitter taste and chewy rustic texture of multi-grain bread, while the kids enjoy their croissants with Bonne Maman jams; all brought the night before from La Rose Noir Boulangerie (they have an outlet inside Wellcome) or DONQ Boulangerie (with a shop at the basement of Sogo).  What can be better than eating breakfast in your pajamas! 

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jen laceda said...

Hahaha, Wellcome is still alive! Good on them! Love Park Lane hotel! I have many good memories of staying there! Well, Excelsior is another fave!

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