Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photo Journal of Summer 2011

SUMMER is different things to different people, but we can all AGREE that summer is LOVE! 
You can see JOY is written all over their faces!
 Summer break is the perfect opportunity to CONQUER your fear!
Summer also is a good time for older siblings to SHINE as a mentor!

SUMMER also teaches us that PERSEVERANCE is a GOOD virtue... and that PRACTICE makes PERFECT!


 The sweltering Manila heat is just another good reason to spend it in the POOL.
Photo by Sherwyn Santiago
Photo by Sherwyn Santiago
Photo by Sherwyn Santiago

Photo by Sherwyn Santiago

Photo by Sherwyn Santiago
Photo by Sherwyn Santiago
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Mom-Friday said...

Impressive! look at the butterfly stroke!
Ang galing!
Summer was "bitin" for me though, we missed going to Bohol or Davao :(

MrsKatB said...

Question from a first-time mom: at what age did you let your kids try out the pool/beach? I already got my son his first swimming attire, but I'm still hesitant to actually go swimming with him. Any suggestions too for pool baby safety?

The Phenomenal Woman said...

Hi Mrs Kat B!

Thanks for visiting!

My kids started summer swimming lessons at varying ages, but the average age is 4 years old. They eventually progressed to a 3-5 times a week training by the time they get to 6 years old.

Water should be fun for most kids, but there are some exceptions like my second child who had a big fear of water. From ages 3-5, she would not want to venture into the big pool and would just stay in the kiddie pool. I simply let her be and after about two years, she eventually decided that there is nothing scary about it and volunteered to jump in by herself. I do not believe in letting the kid cry it out. I adjust my expectations and let them be comfortable to want to try it out.

For pool safety, it is always best that a responsible adult stay and supervise the child at all times. Never be too confident to leave the child alone even if there are floaters being used.

I hope your child will learn to love the water! :)

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