Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have You Caught The "Pinterest" Bug?

I have just discovered the newest thing to love on the Net – PINTEREST.  Pinterest is simply the most addicting thing there is for people like me who love to hoard ideas and inspirations. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love. Gone are the days when I have to carefully cut out magazine clippings and keep them in my clearbook; no longer do I have to save files and images to my digital inspiration album on my desktop.  All I do now is just click on the "Pin It" button on my desktop and the computer automatically saves it to my Pinterest board.

Pinterest is the most amazing moodboard for curating and showcasing the things that you love and are in endless awe of.  I use Pinterest to keep track of design ideas for my home, for organization tips to make everything tidy, for some fresh kiddie party ideas, for cutesy baked goods packaging, for style tips and tricks.  This magical place on the Net allows me to keep all of that delightful inspiration in one blissful place on different boards.
One more thing that is so good about Pinterest is that is automatically tags the website of all the images I have pinned; this way I can always refer back to the source of the image for the full article.  Now when I look at all my boards and across all the images that I have “pinned”  I have the option to go back to the original location.

Have I convinced you enough of its merit?  Consider it a warning when I say it is addicting!  Head on over and request for an invite.   It takes a while to get an email confirming your invitation, but once you do be prepared to spend the whole day "pinning".  

Should you encounter any problem getting invited, simply post a message and I'll gladly send you an invite.

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Mom-Friday said...

i just registered....BUT will hold off to pinning muna! hahaha....too much time spent on tweeting, blogging and browsing online na :)

But this is really so cool!

jen laceda said...

Hay naku, I have been wanting to start collecting at Pinterest but I have no time as of yet. When will I EVER find the time??? LOL!

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