Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Weekend in Instagram

I just discovered the beauty of Instagram.  How wonderful it makes the task of documenting and sharing the goings-on in the daily grind through photos.  Lemme tell you all about our busy, busy weekend via Instagram: 

We started Saturday with an early visit to the organic market for our weekly supply of veggies.  Along the way, we naturally had to stop at some stalls for sweets and savoury treats!

On the drive back home, we passed by Nic's Gourmet Desserts located along A. Mabini street in San Juan.  The bakeshop offers breads, cookies, cakes, and even some filling sandwiches.  Should you not be able to wait to eat there creations, there are also some bar stools available for you to enjoy the treats right away.

In the afternoon J's friend invited a handful of girls for THE spa party!  It was a FULL afternoon of of whole body massages, nail pedi and nail art and hair salon at the Little Lamb's Kiddie Spa.

We had about just 30 minutes to rush home AND get ready for a cousin's 18th birthday party!

Sunday is another busy day so we start it with a hearty breakfast and Sunday worship.  Then we take a balikbayan cousin to Nuat Thai in Libis for a pampering body massage, then a meet up with my side of the family for an early dinner at Romulo's.
That was my weekend!

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Mom-Friday said...

WOW fully packed! :)))
- Where's that organic market?
- I live just behind Nic's dessert place and STILL have not dropped by, hahaha...gotta go sometime
- so natuloy din kayo sa Lamb's :)
- belated b-day pala to Jessica
- Meng was here? :) Good you brought her to Nuat Thai Libis, sulit talaga, hope she enjoyed it
- Instagram is soooo cool! hanggang tingin nalang, I don't have iPhone :)

The Phenomenal Woman said...

Hi Michelle!

the Legazpi Market...
and yes, Meng was here for a short visit. She will be based in nearby Singapore for the next two years.

jen laceda said...

Wow! Naka-extra si Meng sa pictures ah!!

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