Monday, August 15, 2011

Dressing A Tween For A Party

J attended her first 18th birthday party a few Sundays ago.  One of the girls from her swim team recently turned 18, and the all the girls on the team surprised the celebrant with a well-rehearsed dance number, choreographed by one of the swimmers.   J was excited, to say the least!  Imagine, going to an adult party with her friends - and doing a dance number pa.:)  

We both know that we wanted her to look nice; She wanted to NOT look like a little girl, but not too grown-up, either.  While I know I wanted to NOT buy her a new dress. Haha!  So in the end, we agreed she should just look sweet.:)
J's outfit for an 18th bday party
Vero Moda cotton dress, TopShop ballerina shoes, Dolce Gabbana shoulder strap handbag, Mango belt

After days of mixing and matching, we finally agreed on a hand-me down bubble dress (given to her when my younger sister cleaned out her closet just a few months earlier).  Hurray for fashionable Aunties!   

The pink wrap-around belt and the aqua blue bag are borrowed from my closetJust to disclose, I purchased the bag from a Mango sale about ten years ago, and I never got to use it because when I got home I found the aqua color too trendy and youthful.  It's just great that my daughters can now make good use of it.
Here is our photo booth pic:

I am sure this is just the first of numerous youth parties that she will be invited to, and I am even more sure that she will be asking me for help to choose her outfits.  I just hope that I can teach her that dressing well doesn't mean wearing the trendiest clothes.  The only requirements for dressing well (at any age) is first: to make sure your clothes fit; second, to be Neat and Clean.  Having said that, I can only pray that she learns to be content with choosing from her existing clothes, or learn to creatively shop from my closet. Because having a shopaholic daughter is the last thing I want!:)

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Mom-Friday said...

I like the look, very age appropriate indeed!
It's such a joy to dress up girls! Thank God for daughters :)))

cristina chuah said...

wow atsi is so pretty with the dress! :D

Chino said...

Good day,

My name is Chino Ragragio, I’m a dad, and for some time now, an associate manager in an advertising company. As a parent I have to say, I can relate to your joys and woes with having kids. It’s tough and I love it, especially when you have to work out the balance between office and spending time with my son. But nothing beats coming home and being greeted by the little one. Somehow, his simplest and purest of gestures take away all the stress. No matter how “kulit” he may be, at the end of the day when you’re tucking him to bed, the only thing that comes to mind is how thankful and blessed I am to have him (certainly angels when they’re asleep).

I just have to say I admire your blog and the following it gets. In that note, may I invite or request you to share a little something about the importance of kids’ play-time, not video games or anything digital. I mean the engaging, active fun of spending the afternoons under the sun.

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We are inviting bloggers to spread the word, and I certainly hope you could. We have workshops on October at SMX and we’re also inviting parents and educators to participate. I can give you more details about the campaign and if you wish to get in touch, you can reach me at:

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Thanks and regards,
Chino Ragragio

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