Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like CHRISTMAS

The first week of December has not even ended and yet our family has already been blessed with Christmas presents starting to trickle in.   The kids are excited to take a peek at what's inside, but I've told them to wait for Christmas before they open them.

Seems to me that Rustan's is the favorite among discriminating shoppers, because not only do they have a wide selection of  top-notch items, they offer free and exceptional gift wrapping service.  I love that they didn’t stop with the fine-looking gift-wrappers, all gifts are also adorned with these exquisite ornaments.

I love the graphics featured on this gift bag.

I love the Christmas wrappers that I bought this year, all 75 sheets of them!  C was sort of shocked to find out that I bought so many, but I don’t want to find out in the middle of wrapping that I ran out of wrappers, like what happened last year.  Also, I made sure to buy wrappers that have the Christmas colors but are not too christmas-y in design, so should I have any left-overs this season, I am sure that I will find some other use for them. 

I have started wrapping our own gifts to give to family and friends.  I always try, and the operative word here is try, to personally wrap all the gifts myself.  I find so much joy in doing it, and the solitude of the task also serves as my quiet time.  It seldom happens but if I find myself neck deep already then some help is definitely needed.

My favorite Christmas purchase this year is something that is very cute and useful.  I bought about seven dozens of these cute berries for the kids to give to their friends.

When you open them out, they turn into bags.

Enviro-sack bags have continued to be popular this year.

So there, this is my first post this season.



Mom-Friday said...

ooh...I like those berry bags too! great gift idea!

jen laceda said...

Wow, you are definitely organized! I haven't even started christmas shopping! I think tomorrow, I will start!

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