Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Gift Giving

I wanted unique and handsome gift tags to accompany each holiday gift I hand out this year.  So a few months ago, I started my painstaking work on each of them.

However, upto the present they still remain as designs in my computer, exquisite though they are to my own eyes.  I have not had the time to have them printed out. As I looked at the piles of items that are waiting to be wrapped ,  I succumbed to reality ( and the easy way out, really) and used store-bought gift tags.

Here they are, all wrapped and ready to be delivered.

Still on design, I just want to share the save the date card and party invite that I made for J's class party.

Happy Holidays!  Enjoy all the parties and just say YES to all the invites coming your way!



jen laceda said...

You are so organized with your christmas gifts and parties!! The only thing I am organized about this holiday season is which days I get off at work! I can't wait for the long weekend christmas holidays!!

You are truly a creative person! You should be in some kind of creative business. Open your own Etsy store or something!

Mom-Friday said...

these are so cute! you should have printed them out and used them. I also make our own tags, labels and invites for several years now and just like you, i always want something unique on my gifts :) i really enjoy making them

About the white Thea dresses, unfortunately, I failed to ask how much for the ladies as I was already rushing to go home that day.

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