Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Temptation by Royce'

I can say, hands down, the family’s favorite gift this year is the bagful of  ROYCE’ Chocolates we got from Dennison and Jan.

Royce’ Chocolates originate from Japan.  As with everything Japanese, the brand puts a heavy emphasis on excellence, that even the packaging spells impressive. The bag comes in a thick clinical white paper, and each box is placed in another protective plastic.

This is THE favorite chocolate brand of the three little ones that every time we pass their tiny store at Greenbelt, they would beg me to buy a steeply-priced minuscule box.  Already, I would do everything within my powers to avoid that tiny space of chocolate heaven, hoping that they would not remember.  But they do!  They would rush to the sales attendant and point to their favorite, the Nama Chocolate.
I am not a chocolate purist and I shamefully admit that I prefer my chocolates when they are mixed with almonds, walnuts, macadamia or any type of tree nut.  However, I can make an exception for the Nama Chocolate any time. It has a superbly, velvety soft texture that melts smoothly the moment you place it into your mouth.  It is unlike anything I have ever tasted.  In my opinion, the Nama singularly claims the chocolate supremecy test in favor of Royce.

I am sorry that I couldn't give you a better photo as the picture above doesn't do the Nama any favor.  The cocoa powder that covers each bar has actually started to coagulate due to the extreme Manila heat. 

On the other hand, the bite-size, thin rounds of Royce’ Pure Chocolate offer a distinctive gustatory experience.  The chocolate orbs perfectly fits the mouth in one pop. The ridges on one side are designed to be placed waves side down to enhance the eating pleasure.

Now excuse me as I go back to give full attention to these lip-smacking discs!I am sooo giving in to the temptation!


jen laceda said...

Yum...that's too bad I totally missed Royce when I was in Manila! I would have gave in to temptation myself! I recently burned my hands (as I blogged at Les Filles blog), and my husband treated me to pastries from Nadege that were absolutely heaven. So, I know a thing or two about giving in to temptation! LOL!

By the way, my mom just handed me a gift from you (delayed)! That pretty pink striped dress for G! Thanks so much!!!

Mom-Friday said...

I say, go and indulge! we also received a box of those yummy Pure Chocolate discs, plus a Godiva Chocoiste, and Ferrero Rondnoir! i'm choco heaven this season!:)

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