Friday, September 2, 2011

Who Do You Follow?

For all you Instagram addicts out there, are you aware of WebstagramWebstagram is this awesome web interface which allows user to access their Instagram account in a desktop browser.  Cool, right?  Finally, I don't have to scrunch my eyes to see details of my favorite photos.  I can now view them on my desktop and laptop. All the Instagram features are available here and it is so easy to use, and most important of all, it's FREE, too!  Check it out by heading over to

One of the people I follow at Instagram is my kids' swimming coach.  Now that I am on Webstagram, I can appreciate his photos more.  I follow him because he takes such amazing photos on subjects that I love...

....first and foremost among which are MY kids... Thanks, Coach!  I really LOVE the photos!
But other than my kids, I also love the photos he took of swimmers of all ages, capturing the swimmers in action...
His photos affirms what many of us swim-parents know all along - that for many young swimmers, happiness is simply being in the pool!
He captures the friendship and the essence that the pool is really one big playground for the kids.  A great venue to meet friends - many of whom stay on to become best buds ... for life!
 And here are a few more pool shots that are simply beautiful to look at.
And if you are the type who want a little something different, he also offers up interesting people photographed from an artistic perspective, with an edgy urban feel.
He consistently finds common locations and successfully transforms the mundane to interesting by coming up with new angles to shoot from.
Follow him at Instagram or Webstagram to see more of his wonderful photos.  His instagram ID is:  wengman.
Sherwyn used to be a bemedaled swimmer in his youth, and has since channeled his love for the sport into coaching a young but very talented swimming team.  As you can see, he is also an amazing photographer who covers events (weddings, birthdays, engagement, corporate functions, et al) and product launches.  He also does one-on-one portrait services, pre-nuptial photo shoots on location, company product shots, and many more. 
If you have any need for beautiful photos, give his photo team a call/message at #0917.533.0727.

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Mom-Friday said...! Love those underwater shots!
I am an Instagram dummy -- it this taken from an iPhone only or just for iPhone users?

About the red velvet cake, the stain is hardly noticeable...parang wala talaga :)

The Phenomenal Woman said...

Hi Michelle! Instagram is an Iphone/Ipad app, but the photos can be taken from the Iphone /Ipad cam or any available camera.

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