Monday, September 26, 2011

Wishful Thinking: { Wardrobe ) Shirt Dress Love

I am always on the go, and my everyday clothes are simple and functional.  I am usually in standard jeans and tees, but I sneak in looking like a lady a once a week or so, with a day dress or casual skirts and tank tops. 

As a mom – an errand-running, meal-cooking, everywhere driver and tutor mom – I would have to say that dresses CAN still be fun to wear!  First, they do not require any thinking, and is the perfect outfit for any mom who doesn't want to waste precious minutes thinking if her top goes with the bottom. And, haven't you ever felt that extra swing on your hips, and lightness to your steps whenever you wear one?  Goodness, the wonderful comments alone from my kids and hubby on how great I look wearing a dress always makes me feel good!

How about you?  What is your daily uniform?  Try putting on a dress... just pull up hair in a loose ponytail, and wear it with sandals or sneakers.  Trust me, tt is the easiest to put on; yet the vibe it gives out says “effortless chic mama.”  

Here are a few pieces that are worthy of some Wishful Thinking...

Shirt dress from: Sarah, J. Crew, Theory, and Michael Kors

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