Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation Gift: Thanks a Latte!

 It is Teacher's Appreciation Day in my son's school...  and I know, first hand, how a challenge it is to handle little boys... much more a class-ful of them!  This day is certainly a good day to show them my appreciation for all that they do.

I assume that teachers love to sip coffee during breaks, or at least are a fan of coffeehouses during weekends.
I imagine that they would love to drink their coffee with at least something sweet to munch on... so home-baked cookies seem like a perfect match.
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A pack of Starbucks Via Ready Brew and a few home-made cookies is a delightful way to say thank you!
Inspired by Strabucks' Thanks A Latte cards, I made personalized labels in Photoshop and had them printed out. 
A simple and thoughtful token.

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jen laceda said...

Awwww...this is so sweet and thoughtful! :)

peachkins said...

This is cute! Got here through a blogger friend and I love your blog. You just got a new follower!

Mom-Friday said...

So cuuuute and thoughtful!
Love the "smart cookie" line, genius!

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