Monday, October 3, 2011

Frames Of Your Life

After several summers of art/painting lessons for the kids, I now have about several dozens of the kids' works waiting to be displayed on our walls.  Their artworks are gorgeous to my eyes, and I simply cannot wait to hang them. And still on the topic of putting artwork onto walls, I also have some beautiful photographs in my digital album that are begging to be framed.   Only hindrance is that I do not have any idea on how to go about it. 

How do I put up the artworks and photo frames onto my wall in a way that looks cohesive and put-together.  Here I am on a lazy Friday morning tagging like crazy at Pinterest.  Here are some of my favorites...  

Do you think I should I go white on white...
 Image credit                                                     

or do you prefer black frames?  Do you think they give a much nicer contrast to a stark white wall?
 image credit                                                       

and what do you have to say about putting them in a rainbow of colors to liven up the wall?

perhaps just mount it on a board and go frameless?

image credit                             

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Tiffany said...

Galing! Incidentally, i was also looking to make a similar collage at home. I'm thinking of mounting them frameless :)

jen laceda said...

I'd go for anything BUT the frameless ones. For frameless, you'd have to have art-quality, professional photos. With the frames, you can get away with regular photos. I guess it will depend also on what else you have in the house. I like polarity, so contrasts and 'white on white' appeal to me. White on white works well if you have other white furniture, I.e. White Barcelonas!!! Yeay!

*MrsMartinez* said...

White on white ang unang choice ko then nakita ko un frameless, frameless na ako hehehe


Mom-Friday said...

I agree with Jen, I love frameless but the material will be quite tricky, although you can now have linen-textured digital prints -- so it's a toss-up. I always liked black frames. I've been putting off hanging frames since we moved here more than 3 year ago! Hay, we have lots of bare walls and dunno how to organized frames as well.

Great ideas! The ones surrounding the sliding doors leading to the garden would work for our house!

The Phenomenal Woman said...

Thanks for your opinion. I like white on white, too. Pero frameless also appeals to me. Hmmm... can't decide still

rica said...

Hi Tina, you might want to add our alphabet portraits to your family's wall. =)

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