Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend In Instagram {October 21-23, 2011}

Last weekend started with a lunch date with B.  We haven't had one in a long while, so it was a date that is long overdue.  She had her favorite Macaroni and Cheese at Pancake House, followed by a quick trip to Starbucks for a Strawberry Milk Drink.  We regularly schedule one-on-one dates with all the kids, but I feel it is B who is really appreciative of it.  I regularly observe a significant improvement in her behavior after we take her on a day-out.  She is usually profuse with thanks, and it makes me feel like I am truly the greatest mom. :)

Dropped off J for another slumber party, this time at Discovery Suites in Ortigas.  The suite she stayed in had 2 bedrooms, a dining and living room, and a working kitchen.  The kitchen is really a winner for me - it is really ideal for hosting slumber parties for girls her age (as I think taking out a handful of pre-teens could potentially be a cause of head-ache) since you can just prepare meals in the kitchen or call for food delivery, and thus save you the travel time of taking them out for meals; yet your wallet also do not have to suffer from the exorbitant prices that hotels charge in their food outlets.  The girls are really just content with movie-marathons, lounging by the pool, and talking all night.
Saturday night, C took us out to eat at Cerchio Grill & Lounge.  I cannot particularly place what cuisine the restaurant specializes in, but most of the food on the menu would make it look like a very glamorous version of a Filipino grillery.  The place is very modern looking, with the hand-painted white loops on the charcoal-colored walls adding to the visual delight to the place; the presentation of the food was commendable, much more than what I can actually say about the food.  I found the food unexceptional.  For one, the boneless crispy pata did not get to our table "crispy" at all.  Nevertheless, the over-all experience in the restaurant is still positive as the service given to us was excellent. 

I always look forward to attending wedding parties.  The pink, blue and purple hydrangeas that filled up the ballroom reminded me of my own wedding.  I just love how any newly-wedded couple can radiate their love to fill up the entire ballroom.  I take joy in being able to bask in the sunshine of their happiness.  Weddings are also a good occasions to revel in the company of friends, good food and good wine. 

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Jen Laceda said...

Looks like a very busy weekend! I LOVE your Instagram photo collages! Damn this blackberry! This is one of the few times I wish I had an iPhone! LOL!

Wow, your daughters (and son) have grown up pretty quickly!! I can't believe it! I also can't wait for my daughters to be this age, so we can do all the fun stuff together! Well, Giada is almost 5, so we can do girly stuff together, much more than with Tessa. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your week!

The Sunset Goddess said...

I love the layouts/ photo collages :) May I know how you make them? :) Thanks!

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