Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Instagram Weekend {Sept 2011}

The past weekend was a busy one for me.  But busy is always good because it is a reminder that I have a lot to be thankful for...

The weekend activities started early - Friday lunch with some friends at a hole-in-the-wall resto deep in the pockets of San Juan.  Mely, one of my foodie friends, always discovers these great restos, and makes it a point to share it with us.  This time, it was at Maimee's Garden Cafe.  It was a family residence that the owner transformed into a cafe serving Filipino comfort food.  I love kare-kare, and their version is quite good.
Saturday started very early as I juggled a dice game, a swim meet, a kiddie party, and a get-together with my high school friends.
We attend a lot of dice games during the Mid-Autumn Festival season, but I simply love how this dice game with this particular group of friends turned out to be a tradition already.  Our kids have simply grown to expect this every year; and the prizes, as with the company, just keeps getting better and better through the years.
Simultaneously happening with the dice game is the third and final meet for the G-League short course.  Good thing for me they were held at the same venue so I just had to rush up and down a few flight of stairs to catch the action in the pool.  Big, big thanks to the team's sponsor for the new team jersey.:)
Come night-time, it was FUN catching up with high school friends... how great to see that most of us do not look a day older than twenty, no? :)
Sunday is yet another wonderful opportunity to meet up with friends as we celebrate the first birthday of a friend's unica hija.  The indoor basketball court of the RONAC Art Center was transformed into a castle fit for a princess.

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jen laceda said...

Indeed, a very busy weekend! The food at Maimee's look good! Sarap! These are great pictures, Tina :) I like the "vintage" mood. Makes me think of good memories in the Philippines. And yes, you and your friends don't look a year older than 20!

*MrsMartinez* said...

Where exactly is Maimee located?


Mom-Friday said...

wow where is Maimee? San Juan? I must be a monk na talaga since I don't know where this is! hahaha :)
Great week for you! Galing ng collage ha ;)

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