Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One tiny hand...

C and I stood as godparents to a happy and lovely baby girl last Sunday.  The only princess in a family of rambunctious brothers.
It is amazing how a baby's smile can unravel its magic on the people around.  It is such a delight to witness how being around a baby can transform people into mushy, sappy beings...
Speaking of babies, my first one hardly looks like one anymore...  She is starting to be more conscious about clothes and shoes, and is starting to pay more attention to what she wears.  I love what she wore that day.  It is something I would wear myself... I am looking forward to the day when I can share clothes with her.   How adorable she looks working gold, camel and white. 
ZARA kids white and gold striped cardi, Gingersnaps white knit vest, MNG white halter top, H&M gold braided belt, John Rocha trousers.
Some photos taken during the luncheon at Choi Garden.  The food was superb, as always!  Their "Lechon Macau"  is a consistent best-seller.  The skin ever so crispy with minimal layer of fat in between.  No food photos as everyone was too busy enjoying the food.

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Mom-Friday said...

what a pretty baby! And your big baby is all grown up and stylish!
I like your jacket too ;)

jen laceda said...

Awww...babies are so cute (when they are not waking you up in the middle of the night to feed)! LOL!! Joking aside, kids are such blessings, and we are grateful for our upcoming little gift from Above.

OMG, your eldest is "dalaga na". Oh, how time flies...

By the way, you guys look good! Did Chris lose some weight? Hehe.

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